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Software Features

Review features of both our On Duty and Xtra Duty Software

On Duty Scheduling Features & Benefits

News & Updates Communications Tool

Helps employees and leadership to stay engaged.

Personalized System Communication

Choose how On Duty communicates with you by selecting available options such as email or text to cell phone.


A summary display log that provides a list of all notifications that you receive from On Duty such as a change in the schedule or approved time-off requests.

Available Overtime on Demand

Lets your officers know when there are available overtime shifts that they can request to work.

Request History

Review previously submitted requests for schedule changes such as requests for time-off, shift-swaps, or credit for overtime worked.

Time Balances

In one click, instantly view a display of your current available benefit time and accumulated overtime. One more click shows you detailed transaction history, allowing you to verify that your time has been properly charged.

Schedule Views at a Glance

Easily select custom views for your daily and monthly schedule which includes color-coded calendars that show which days you are scheduled to work or have off.

Timecards & Automatic Schedule Updates

View the number of hours worked or used benefit time during your pay period to ensure that your time has been accurately recorded for payroll. On Duty updates your timecard automatically when your schedule changes.

Full Roster Schedule Views

See who’s working when. Helpful when planning shift swaps with fellow staff.

Request Schedule Changes

Submit time-off requests and overtime requests or special duty assignments. View pending request statuses in real-time and get instant notifications once a request has been approved or denied. Allows multiple time-off codes for a single day or shift.

Manage Employee Requests

View and respond to all submitted employee requests.

Customized Schedule Views for Supervisors

Access real-time schedules of all the employees that report to you.

Compliance Management

On Duty’s timecard validation tool reviews each timecard for compliance with your organization’s policies plus identifies issues such as under-reporting of time, use of benefit time that is not available in the employee’s time bank or use of restricted codes.

Training Tracker

Track training and certification expirations.

Staffing Levels

Track hourly minimum staffing levels.

Xtra Duty Scheduling Features & Benefits

Message Board

Communicate important information such as upcoming events or changes in your off-duty employment policies.

Job History

See the history of all past jobs worked and use custom date ranges by drilling down into specific blocks of days, weeks, months or years.

Electronic Timeslips

Verify the hours you worked for each off-duty job.

Electronic Audit Trail

Keeps a detailed audit trail to show that the officer verified his/her hours including a timestamp to show exactly when it was done.

Available Jobs View

See what jobs are available to work and request or take a detail based on your agency’s rules and job awarding algorithms.

Automated and Manual Job Awarding Functionality

Off Duty Administrators can either manually assign an officer to a specific detail or automate the process using their agency’s unique rules and policies.

Job Details View

Officers can see information related to the detail they are interested in working, such as job type, pay rate, employer’s contact information, and who else is already assigned to the job.

Schedule Conflict Notifications

If an officer attempts to request a job that conflicts with their active duty work schedule, the officer will be notified about the conflict and will not be able to request the job.

Full Transparency Between Active Duty and Off Duty Work Schedules

Combine Xtra Duty with our On Duty Scheduling Software to receive accurate real-time scheduling information to prevent overlaps between off duty jobs and regular police work.

Set Priority for Job Requests

Officers can enter a designated priority number to represent their level of interest for working a particular detail.

Point System Functionality

Officers are assigned points whenever they are awarded a detail. These points can represent hours, jobs, or dollars based on your agency’s configuration.

Rotation or Seniority System Functionality

Jobs awarded according to seniority or wheel or rotation.

Sign-up Windows and Group Pick Schedules

Jobs can be made available for picking during individual sign-up windows or through group sign up periods.

Officer Records

A display of pertinent officer employee information including name, phone number, rank, hire date, seniority, and pay rates.

No Double Dipping

Be assured that officers are not working more than one off duty job at the same time as well as ensuring that off duty assignments do not overlap with regular work schedules.

Customer Tracking

A generated list of the companies and other entities that hire your officers for off duty job details. Access multiple contacts to handle job scheduling, billing, and more.

Job Templates

Input as many job openings as needed, set up jobs that require multiple officers, and set as many different pricing options as your agency needs in one single step.

Payment Tracking

Keep track of what money goes to the officer working the detail, what money comes back to the agency, and fees.

Employee Types & Rank

Restrict who can work certain jobs by employee type or rank.

Off Duty Detail Scheduler

Easily enter the start time, end time, and date of the job.

Scheduling Patterns

Set repeating schedules based on days of the week, month, and more

Schedule Previews

Review the schedule on a calendar before scheduling a job.

Assignment Pools

Set up assignment pools of eligible officers based on skillsets and other qualifications.

Geographical Restrictions

Agencies can create divisions or zones and limit the assignment of jobs to officers who work in the same geographical area as the available job.


Attach documents to a job such as maps, tax forms or any other document required by your agency or customer. Officers can download any documents for jobs they are assigned to work.

Color Codes

See what’s happening with your jobs at a glance. Set colors for jobs that are unfilled, partially filled, or filled.

Billing & Collections

Invoice all verified jobs worked with a click of your mouse. Single invoices for completed jobs are created for each employer. Track payments and monitor collections. Send automated payment reminders.

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