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About Jivasoft

We’re committed to helping those who serve and protect our communities. It just runs in the family.


Jivasoft started in 1999 as a collaboration between a Harvard-trained computer scientist from a police family and a large municipal police department. The first version of On Duty Scheduling Software hit the market in 2001. Soon after, we began development of Xtra Duty, our off-duty detail solution. Xtra Duty was released in 2003.

Both On Duty and Xtra Duty have been in continuous development ever since. Jivasoft is committed to enhancing and redeveloping its products to stay current with technology trends and user expectations.


We recognize that software alone is not enough to help your organization succeed. You need training, service and support. You need a partner who understands your specific needs and will spend the time it takes to help you solve your biggest challenges.

Jivasoft is committed to building relationships with its customers and providing personalized support. You’ll get to know us and we’ll get to know you. All support is based in the United States and provided by experts who know our software and understand your operations.


No customer is too large or too small to benefit from Jivasoft’s offerings. We have customers of all sizes in a variety of industries, including agencies with over 2000 sworn officers. The common thread is that they seek to simplify and streamline their administrative and personnel management workflows while providing convenience and transparency to their employees.


As a subsidiary of Hart Halsey, Jivasoft joins Extra Duty Solutions as the public safety industry’s top providers of employee scheduling software and extra duty administration services.

To learn more about Extra Duty Solutions, click on the link below and see first-hand how teaming with today’s best 3rd party administration partner can relieve your agency from administrative burden, limit financial risk, and enhance operational efficiency.


We know that choosing software to solve complex problems and streamline antiquated workflows is not easy. It’s a process. We will work with you every step of the way from evaluation to implementation — no pressure, no hassles.

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