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For nearly 20 years, Jivasoft has been providing our customers with great software and unparalleled service.

Customer loyalty is key to our success as a company. Our customers are not bashful about sharing their experiences with Jivasoft and its solutions. Don’t take our word for it. Look at what they have to say.

I love working with the folks at Jivasoft! I don't have to call often, but when I do, I get awesome service. They are so friendly and helpful!

Managing overtime and details can be a real headache. It is important to get it right and to be transparent with the rank and file. Thankfully, we have Jivasoft's On Duty and Xtra Duty to keep things running smoothly.

Excessive overtime was killing our budget. On Duty gave us the data to demonstrate that we could save money by hiring more personnel.

Jivasoft's On Duty software is a critical asset to our department. We want our officers out in the street serving the community, not sitting at a desk pushing paper. On Duty helps us accomplish that.


We know that choosing software to solve complex problems and streamline antiquated workflows is not easy. It’s a process. We will work with you every step of the way from evaluation to implementation — no pressure, no hassles.

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