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Xtra Duty stores all of your data in a Microsoft SQL Server database that resides on a server on your agency's computer network. This database software is used in mission-critical software applications all over the world, and is one of the most used database programs in existence.

Microsoft SQL Server is:
Multi-user: Workstation users can be making changes at the same time, and each user will be able to see changes made by other users as soon as they are saved to the database. The Employee Web Portal shares the same database and can be interacting with the software with a real-time view of the data being created and changed by others.
Efficient: Microsoft SQL Server is designed to be fast and efficient, even when multiple users are reading, creating and updating data at the same time.
Reliable: Microsoft SQL Server is extremely reliable, ensuring that On Duty is available virtually 100% of the time. Data loss and corruption are extremely rare with Microsoft SQL Server and, if they do occur, are usually a result of hardware failure (bad disk drive or other hardware failure) on the server.
Jivasoft does not provide licensing for Microsoft SQL Server as part of your Xtra Duty licensing.  Small to medium-sized agencies can typically use free versions of SQL Server available for download from Microsoft's website.  Larger agencies typically have existing SQL Server software on dedicated server hardware. If you have questions about licensing Microsoft SQL Server, please contact your Information Technology staff or give us a call and we can discuss it with you.

Data Backup

Every agency is responsible for backing up its Xtra Duty data. Jivasoft will assist you and/or your I.T. staff to implement a data backup plan suitable for your agency.