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On Duty Workstation Software for Schedulers, Timekeepers and Supervisors On Duty Web Portal for Employee Access SQL Server Database for Safe, Secure, Multi-User Data Storage
Xtra Duty is an Agency-Wide Solution

Xtra Duty is a multi-user, networked software solution that provides each class of user with the right tool for the job.

Powerful Administrative Workstation Software

Secondary Employment Administrators work with a powerfult workstation-installed software program that incorporates all of the best features of native Windows software. Features such as drag & drop, personalization and customizable reports make Xtra Duty a pleasure to use while managing your off-duty operation.

Easy-to-Use Web Portal for Officers

Regular employees, who interact with On Duty on behalf of themselves, use a browser-based software application that is designed with ease-of-use in mind. Training for officers is virtually unnecessary. Officers can sign up for jobs, view their upcoming jobs and verify their hours on jobs already worked. The simple, easy-to-navigate application looks like many other web-based software applications, so employees don't have to learn something new to use it.

Secure Database

Your data is kept in a Microsoft SQL Server database that resides on a server on your network. You can relax knowing that your data is kept safe and secure behind your agency's firewall. Microsoft SQL Server is the premiere database product from Microsoft, used by public safety agencies and other public and private entities around the world.