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Licensing Approach

Every license for On Duty is a perpetual site-license. This means that you purchase the license up-front and you may continue to use the software forever. It also means that you can install On Duty on as many computer workstations as you wish.

When you license On Duty, you get both the workstation-installed administrative software and the browser-based employee web portal. This allows you to put a powerful piece of Windows software in the hands of the people who work with On Duty every day, while providing rank and file employees with a simple, easy-to-use, easy-to-learn web application that can be reached from anywhere on your network, or even beyond.


Pricing for On Duty is based on the number of employees you track in the software. While some companies charge by the "seat" or by the "user", we believe that it works best to let you give On Duty to every employee who needs it to do her/his job.  So, we would rather charge by the number of employees you schedule and track in the software so that the price you pay is commensurate with the benefit you receive by using the software.

You can obtain a formal, written quotation for On Duty licensing by registering and requesting a quote from our Test Drive site, www.tryonduty.com.

Initial Support & Upgrades

Your license for On Duty includes a full year of unlimited telephone and/or e-mail support. Jivasoft's trained experts will help you set up your agency in On Duty and teach you how to use the software to its fullest capabilities. You will also be eligible to receive any and all version upgrades that are released within one year of your date of purchase at no additional cost to you.

Ongoing Support & Upgrades

At the end of your first year, you can continue to receive unlimited telephone and/or e-mail support and version upgrades by purchasing an annual support subscription.  Jivasoft will bill you for support each year, and, if you wish to continue to receive support and version upgrades, you simply pay the invoice. If you do not purchase a support and upgrade subscription, you will still be able to use your On Duty software, but you will not be permitted to contact us for assistance or to download new versions.

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

Jivasoft Corporation retains all ownership rights to On Duty Scheduling Software and related documentation and other materials. Jivasoft sells licenses to operate the software which grants certain rights. Under no circumstances does the sale of On Duty licensing convey ownership in any manner to the software, documentation or other materials. On Duty Scheduling Software is the copyrighted intellectual property of Jivasoft Corporation. All rights are reserved by Jivasoft Corporation with respect to the software, documentation and other related materials.