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Jivasoft is a small, established company based in Laredo, Texas that develops, markets and supports administrative software solutions for public safety agencies throughout North America.  Our product line consists of On Duty Police Scheduling Software and Xtra Duty Off Duty Employment Software.

Besides making great software at affordable prices, Jivasoft is known for its reliable, personal customer support. We get to know each of our customers, and we treat them like they deserve to be treated--with courtesy, respect and unbeatable service.
Jivasoft was founded in 1999 by Dan Ryan. The initial impetus for the company was a police department in Massachusetts that could not find a scheduling and timekeeping solution that met their needs. Dan worked with Jivasoft's first customer to define the requirements and build the initial version of On Duty Scheduling Software.  On Duty was rolled out in 2000, and it has been continually updated and improved since then to meet the evolving needs of the public safety community and the ever-changing world of technology.

In 2004, Jivasoft introduced Xtra Duty Off Duty Employment Software.  Managing off-duty details is a real headache for many law enforcement agencies. Ensuring fair and equitable distribution of off-duty jobs, tracking how much work each officer gets, filling jobs, handling billing and collections and managing officer payroll are just some of the complex tasks involved. Xtra Duty provides an integrated solution to all aspects of the secondary employment challenge.

In 2009, Jivasoft decided that the technology used to develop On Duty was getting old and needed to be replaced. Jivasoft re-developed On Duty completely, taking advantage of new technologies, such as Microsoft's .Net development tools. During this re-development project, Jivasoft split On Duty into its two different components (a workstation software program for schedulers, timekeepers and supervisors, and a browser-based web portal for rank and file employees). Over the next two years, Jivasoft assisted its customers with the transition to the new On Duty Scheduling Software. The response has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. On Duty now combines more than a decade of public safety scheduling software experience with the state-of-the-art technology of a brand new product.
The Future
Jivasoft looks forward to a bright future. We continue to improve and enhance both On Duty and Xtra Duty while providing outstanding support to our loyal customers.  Each year, we review developments in the world of technology and seek ways to apply that technology to the needs of our customers and other public safety agencies.

With the redevelopment of On Duty complete, Jivasoft is eagerly seeking out unfilled needs in the public safety community. It is our goal to build an exensive line of products that provide practical solutions to our customers at prices that realistically reflect the difficult budgeting challenges that prevail in our industry.